Hilleberg Allak 3 in the sun with Daffodils

Our Gear: Hilleberg Allak 3 Tent

We’ve just got our tent, a Hilleberg Allak 3. It’s freestanding and it’s light. It packs down small yet it has plenty of living space. This tent pitches the inner and outer tents really quickly and simultaneously. It’s super durable and 4-season rated. And, it is a really cozy place to be. We can imagine spending a lot of time hiding out all sorts of weather in our little home. We love it.

There are plenty of well-thought out features that we’re excited about. It has these super doors which are split in the middle and have various mesh sections. We’ve got a clothes line built into the inner tent ceiling. There are these neat rain gutters on the outer shell to stop water dripping into the vestibule. The zip can lock down. It just feels beautifully, lovingly, expertly made.

In this post we’ve deliberately not explored the various reasons why you would, for example, choose a freestanding tent vs. non freestanding. This is only because there are already some excellent articles about this very question and many more:

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