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Cycle touring insurance

The best travel insurance for cycle touring.


We think the best insurance is Navigator Gold travel insurance for cycle touring world trip. Here’s why:

Price. We found that Navigator is the best value specialist adventure travel policy. Our policy was far cheaper than World Nomads who wouldn’t even cover this type of trip! Travellers on forums recommend Navigator and it has sufficient emergency medical cost, evacuation and repatriation(£10m).

Home visits. Our policy covers us for home visits during the policy term. Once we flew home from Lisbon because of Brexit but with Navigator there are no worries about invalidating our insurance.

Altitude limits for cycling. There is no limit to the height you can ride at. For example, in central and Eastern Asia you may be above 3000m frequently. Sometimes your route option leaves you with no choice. Freedom!

Cycle touring as a specific activity. Make sure that you are specifically covered for cycle touring. Navigator does, but not all do.

Timescale. Our policy covers us up to 18 months AND it’s renewable.

Travelling against FCDO advice. We are covered to travel against FCDO advice, including red listed countries because of COVID-19 restrictions. It’s worth checking this is still the case with Navigator as it may have changed. If anything there will likely be fewer restrictions now.

The best insurance for cycle touring

So there you have it, 6 solid reasons for choosing Navigator. Or, 6 things to look for in a policy. A final word: if you’re taking out insurance, don’t skimp on the cheapest option. Navigator helped immediately when we needed advice and we trust them to help if we need it.